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Elise Finch Health Problems: What We Know?

Elise Finch Health Problems

Elise Finch, a respected meteorologist known for her work with CBS New York, tragically passed away at 51, sparking widespread interest in her health history. Despite her sudden death in July 2023, no specific health problems were publicly identified as contributing factors. Here, we aim to shed light on her health and legacy while acknowledging the privacy her family deserves.

The Absence of Known Health Issues

Finch, who had a remarkable career spanning over 16 years at WCBS-TV, had not publicly disclosed any ongoing health issues. As she remained actively on air shortly before her untimely passing, her death was particularly shocking to viewers and colleagues alike. No prior signs or reports indicated she was struggling with significant health problems.

Legacy Beyond the Unanswered Questions

Despite unanswered questions surrounding her death, Finch’s contributions to journalism and meteorology remain deeply appreciated. She won an Emmy Award for her reporting, underscoring her dedication to delivering accurate weather information and serving as a trusted source for millions. Her cheerful demeanor and positive energy will continue to resonate in the memories of viewers and colleagues.

Honoring Her Life and Impact

Colleagues, friends, and family celebrated Finch’s life and legacy, remembering her as a consummate professional and a devoted family member. Graig Henrique and his daughter Grace are mourning the loss of Finch while supporting each other during this challenging time. Finch’s sudden departure leaves a void that will be felt not only in New York but also throughout the broadcasting community.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elise Finch Health Problems

Did Elise Finch have any known health problems before her death?

There were no publicly known or disclosed health issues that Elise Finch had before her sudden passing. She was actively working and was on air just days before her death.

What was the cause of Elise Finch’s death?

Authorities have not yet determined or publicly disclosed the specific cause of her death. Her unexpected passing has left the CBS New York team mourning her loss.

Did her colleagues or family mention any prior health concerns?

There haven’t been any public mentions of prior health issues from her colleagues or family. Her death came as a shock to many due to her consistent professional presence and absence of noticeable health challenges.

How did Elise Finch’s colleagues and the community respond to her passing?

Colleagues, friends, and viewers responded with an outpouring of grief, remembering her for her dedication, professionalism, and kind spirit. They have celebrated her legacy as an inspiring meteorologist who brought joy to the people around her.

Where can I learn more about Elise Finch’s career and impact?

You can learn more about her work and legacy through tributes and articles published by CBS New York and other news outlets, where colleagues have shared heartfelt messages​ (Yahoo)​ ( (

What is Elise Finch’s legacy in the field of meteorology?

Finch was an Emmy-winning meteorologist recognized for her excellence in weather forecasting and reporting. She spent over 16 years with CBS New York, making significant contributions to the field and becoming a trusted voice for millions. Her dedication and passion for broadcasting left a profound impact on her colleagues and the community.


Elise Finch’s sudden passing left many questions unanswered about her health. Regardless of the absence of known health problems, her death serves as a solemn reminder to cherish the contributions of those who make a difference in our lives. Her lasting legacy, full of optimism and dedication, will continue to inspire future generations of journalists and meteorologists.

For more information on her life and career, you can visit the CBS New York team’s tribute page ​ (Tv Show Stars)​