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Julie Green Ministries on Rumble

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Julie Green Ministries has become a notable presence on Rumble, leveraging the platform to extend its outreach and connect with a broader audience. Known for its charismatic teachings and dynamic leadership, Julie Green Ministries uses Rumble to share videos that inspire and convey spiritual messages. This approach has not only expanded their reach but also intensified their impact within the religious and spiritual communities.

Engaging Through Digital Platforms

The Shift to Rumble

Recognizing the importance of digital media in contemporary religious practice, Julie Green Ministries embraced Rumble as a strategic platform. Rumble, known for its creator-friendly policies and a less restrictive environment compared to other video-sharing platforms, offers Julie Green Ministries the freedom to express and share their spiritual insights without fear of censorship. This move has enabled them to connect with viewers who seek unfiltered and authentic spiritual content.

Content Strategy on Rumble

At Julie Green Ministries, the content strategy revolves around delivering powerful, faith-based teachings that encourage and uplift the viewer. Each video is crafted with the intention to not only educate but also to inspire action and deeper reflection on spiritual matters. Regular uploads ensure that there is always fresh content available, helping to build a loyal community of followers who are eager for spiritual guidance and insight.

Impact and Outreach

Growing a Community

Since launching on Rumble, It has seen a significant increase in their viewer base. The platform allows them to reach a diverse audience, spanning different geographies and demographics who are interested in Christian teachings. The interactive nature of Rumble also enables the ministry to engage directly with their audience through comments and discussions, creating a dynamic online community.

Outreach Initiatives

Beyond video sermons and teachings, Julie Green Ministries utilizes It to announce upcoming events, share testimonials, and broadcast live prayer sessions. These initiatives are critical in fostering a sense of community and belonging among viewers, making them feel more connected to the ministry’s mission and to each other.

FAQs for Julie Green Ministries on Rumble

What is Julie Green Ministries?

It is a religious organization that focuses on delivering spiritual teachings, prophetic messages, and inspirational content through various media platforms, including Rumble.

Why did Julie Green Ministries choose Rumble?

The ministry chose Rumble due to its commitment to free speech and minimal content restrictions, which aligns with the ministry’s desire to share their spiritual messages freely and broadly.

What type of content does Julie Green Ministries post on Rumble?

They post a variety of content including video sermons, prophetic messages, live prayer sessions, educational workshops, and testimonials that inspire and engage their audience.

How often does Julie Green Ministries post new content on Rumble?

The ministry maintains a regular posting schedule on Rumble to keep their content fresh and engaging. They typically post several times a week.

Can I interact with Julie Green Ministries on Rumble?

Yes, viewers can interact with Julie Green Ministries through comments, likes, and sharing the videos. The ministry often hosts live sessions where they interact directly with the audience in real-time.

Are there live events hosted by Julie Green Ministries on Rumble?

Yes, the ministry hosts live events including prayer sessions and educational workshops, providing an interactive experience for followers.

How can I access the videos of Julie Green Ministries on Rumble?

You can access their videos by visiting the Julie Green Ministries channel on It. It’s free to watch the videos, though creating an account allows for more interaction.

Is there a way to support Julie Green Ministries?

Support options typically include donations, participating in their events, or sharing their content to help spread their messages. Specific details are often provided in their video descriptions on Rumble.

Does Julie Green Ministries collaborate with other content creators?

While primarily focused on their own content, the ministry occasionally collaborates with other religious leaders and content creators to broaden their reach and impact.

Where can I find updates about upcoming content from Julie Green Ministries on It?

Updates about upcoming content and events are regularly posted on their Rumble channel and often mentioned in their videos. Followers can also receive notifications by subscribing to the channel and enabling alerts


Julie Green Ministries’ presence on It exemplifies their commitment to using modern technology to spread the word of God. By adapting to new media, they are not only staying relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape but are also paving the way for how religious teachings can be effectively communicated in the digital age. Their success on Rumble underscores the potential of digital platforms to enhance spiritual outreach in innovative and impactful ways